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Aug 26, 2022
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I made up two starters with some old DME to SG 1.040. The intent was to harvest the yeast and freeze some. I pitched some Wyeast Irish ale yeast that I popper and put in my fridge a couple weeks ago. I had though my first pack wasn't working then it took off just before I was going to add the second to my dry Irish stout. I also Started a Sottish ale yeast. I aerated with my aquarium pump with filter and diffuser. I didn't see much of anything happen on the Irish Ale yeast as I went to bed. The Scottish when hard for a few hours then settled. The thing is the SG barely changed if at all. So I'm not sure if they are done or dead or what. The Scottish looks like it has fermentation residue above the liquid but I expected it to not be left sweet. There is a bit of sediment on the bottom if I leave them. Is the DME no good? Is something wrong with the yeast? They are old yeast packs thought. Best before was September. I recently got a bunch of Wyeast and Imperial, past their best before dates, for half price that I was going to harvest and freeze. So hoping I can get this figured out. Perhaps I'd be better off using pale malt and making a small wort. Any ideas?
I pitched Saturday evening at around 85F. They are sitting at room temperature. I did add a little Wyeast nutrient but not much. I scaled it down from their 5 gallon dose.