Star san foam

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Jan 7, 2008
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I just just sanitized some kegs with star san. In the bottom of the keg i have about 10" of left over star san foam. Should I rinse or just transfer the beer right in.
Foam is your friend

Hey man just pour it in!
Starsan is awesome. I have had just as much foam as you in a carboy and it fermented perfectly. you should listen to the podcast about starsan on basic brewing radio, they interview the creator of starsan and he describes how the foam actually helps the fermentation and he tells how it works etc.... hope this helps \

Bob from the spellfish brewery
I don't mind the foam in the carboy or secondary keg where I generallty add kraeusen or rack fermenting beer.

But it bothers me in the serving keg as I don't know if the foam will hold O2 that I cannot pure with CO2.