St Patty's

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Dec 30, 2004
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So what are people's plans for St Patty's? Going to a fav bar? chilling at home? I'm heading off to murphy street in sunnyvale ca, they have about 4 irish pubs on that one block, so i think it should be fun.
All the local breweries (we have quite a few) are having a beer tasting with food, music and such at the community center in town to benefit lots of local, national and international organizations. It should be a great time! :D
Drinking lots of guinness.....I mean lots.....I'm gonna try and find a new Irish stout that I like as well. For what Ireland does beer wise, theres not much variety, but what they brew, they brew well. So if anyone has a good Irish stout reccomendation lets hear it :cool:
Staying home tonight with homebrew and corned beef. And as for green Bud, I don't care what color it is, it is not fit for consumption.
Yeah, I'm home with a homebrew, too. Corned beef was good. Don't get out much on days like this...I hate jam-packed bars.