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May 26, 2008
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Round Rock
I bought this new (direct from Ss Brewtech) in the spring of 2019 while waiting on them to release their long overdue Single Vessel Brewing System. I used it several times with my first E-BIAB system and it performed flawlessly but I have decided to go ahead and go with a different system instead of continuing to wait for the Ss Brewtech SVBS. It also comes with the plate I purchased separately which allows it to be mounted directly to a wall or panel. I paid $599 plus an additional $15 for the mounting plate just a few months ago.

I'd like to get $425 for it plus the actual cost of packaging and shipping (not to exceed $25).

Details can be found here:

Photo Sep 25, 7 56 02 AM.jpg Photo Sep 25, 7 56 30 AM.jpg Photo Sep 25, 7 56 39 AM.jpg Photo Sep 25, 7 57 11 AM.jpg