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California Squarrel square "barrel" 10gal with TC fittings

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Dec 17, 2014
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read about it at their website. biggest benefit in our opinion is the flexibility. you can make a barrel of any wood (or liquor) you want. just buy some wood, cut it into shape, and you've got a barrel of anything you can find. cedar, juniper, cherry, apple, etc. can also soak them in booze for whiskey, rum, tequila, etc. it definitely "wastes" way less booze. and unlike a traditional barrel that is now a whiskey barrel, you can just set aside the whiskey staves, and swap new ones. you're not stuck with one liquor. we also were able to do brett/wild beers and be confident the old beer wasnt going to take over/infect the new beer. just use new staves. or put them in oven at 200 for few hours. not to mention you control your own level of toast, char, etc. on the staves, or you can just buy replacements from squarrel.

fruited sours were easy as you can also use stainless scrubbies in the bottom to act as a strainer.

they hold 1.5bar pressure per manufacturer, although we never tried to carbonate in them, just enough to push out the beer.

this barrel has TC fittings: 1.5 outlet, and we upgraded with the 6" TC lid that has a prv, a 1.5 tc port, and a sanke stem if you wanna use as a keg. or remove the stem and its basically a 2" tc.

located in SF bay area. do some traveling into the valley a bit so possible to meet up as far south as fresno.
comes with fresh set of oak medium toast/no char staves and new gaskets.


How do the “staves” seal so that there’s no leakage? Are they pressed firmly into a gasket lined cutout?
yep. its pretty tight to get them in with the gaskets, and i assume they swell a bit which also helps seal. you can see in pic above how there are stainless bars that lock them in place. check out the website. its a bit heavy on the marketing in some spots but alot of the technical explanations are in there as well.
check out the website. its a bit heavy on the marketing
that’s an understatement! I did a lot of scrolling.

It looks like a really neat product. I’ve added it to my growing retirement wish list.

Good luck. I hope you find a happy buyer!
Totally interested in this. I live in the central valley. New to this forum so I don't know how to send a DM...
You might not be able to DM yet with a brand new account. Sometimes you need a minimum number of posts. So they know you aren’t a bot.
That makes sense.
yep. but just replying here counts against that so you should probably be ok to send DM now. all you do is right click on someones name and hit "start conversation" and that's it. otherwise you have to hit the little envelope icon on top right by your screen name, and then type in their name to start messaging.