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Aug 19, 2015
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Thunder bay
im now using a spunding valve for the first time, have it setup so its connected to 3 kegs of hefeweizen (3.75 gal per keg, used fermcap) and currently regulated at 12psi, was pitched 3 days ago.

1) how high can i set the psi? i read somewhere 15psi is a max and yeast start to die, yet bottle conditioning allows for much higher PSI, so i figure the rule is dont go above 15psi while in initial fermentation but at end of fermentation/ conditioning it doesnt matter.

2) can i connect another brew, a witbier or porter for instance, and carb off of the fermentation of the hefeweizens? for instance have 3kegs hefe's recently pitched, and 1keg porter currently not carb'd connected together, or do i have a chance of off flavors or other issues?

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