Spruce tips in beer?

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Feb 11, 2007
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People's Republic of Vermont
Some of the more interesting beers that I have tried use spruce tips as a flavoring
agent. I understand that you should use fresh, new growth spruce tips harvested in the spring.

In my area, there are red, black and white spruce that grow natively...as well as planted blue spruce.

White spruce, also known as cat spruce is kinda a local flatlander vs. native (woodchuck) joke, because
white/cat spruce is a beautiful, well formed tree that appears to be a perfect Xmas tree, but when you
bring it inside and it warms up, it smells like cat piss.

Blue spruce is very strong flavored and is not recommended for brewing.

So that leaves red and black.... and I'm looking for recommendations from those who have experience with
using spruce tips in brewing. TIA