spring weather....

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Jan 3, 2005
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Clebland, OH
in indiana's claybaked tundra has caused a more vigorous ferment in some of my secondaries...

bastards! i was already to bottle some beer that had been in secondary fermentors for about a month, when our big thaw finally occured. i got a really active fermentation in some of my secondaries a week ago and they are still plinking away, a new layer of foam and other yeasty activities as observed through the glass...

the temp change was about a 6-7 degree increase in my cellar temp... didn't expect such a vigorous 're-awakenings' and my schedule has been thrown off..

i also have a beer in the primary with a california ale yeast that still has a thick head of foam after a week... very interesting twists from my brewing/fermenting experience this past winter...

anyone notice anything similar if you go through a freeze/thaw cycle?

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