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Oct 20, 2004
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Menomonee Falls WI
Right now their Special Amber is the beer of choice at my house. Good maltyness(sp?) and sweetness. And their dopplebock will put you on the floor if you have more than 3. And their soda's are good too.
I'm headed to Milwaukee on Friday! I cannot wait to get a bunch of Sprecher brews to take home!!
I heard the tour is outstanding, but they aren't offering it on the only day I can go.
Anyway--you being from that area, are there any good places to get varieties of harder to find beers? I heard discount liquor on Oklahoma is a good place???
Not sure where specifically you are going but if on the west side, in downtown Waukesha on Moreland right near the river there is a MASSIVE liquor store where you can get about anything you'd ever want. My wife was able to find a special wine from Cyprus only at this place. The beer selection is similar.

Can't remember the name as its been 7 years since I've lived there...
Sounds good....I know orrelse is going to hook me up when we both get back. Perhaps I should make a shopping list. :D Alabama doesn't appear to have much "beer culture", at least that I've seen.
Sam75 said:
Sounds good....I know orrelse is going to hook me up when we both get back. Perhaps I should make a shopping list. :D Alabama doesn't appear to have much "beer culture", at least that I've seen.

I've only had Sprecher a few times...I don't remember which one was the one besides the "blonde", but it was awesome as well as was the blonde. That was also way, way back. Haven't been to Milwaukee in 10+ years. Great stuff though, as I remember, and have wanted to get some for a while.

I'm especially intrigued by two of thier beers right now--the Abbey Trippel and the Black Bavarian....I'll probably sample the seasonal Mai Bock while I'm there as well....I'll bring back the best ones.

OT--Sam did you ever get to try the Leinie's Creamy Dark? I don't think you did, because most of that was gone before we even moved to the house....depending on how much my taste for it has evolved in the past few months (beer snob thing), I'll bring more of that back too. Used to be my favorite beer. :)
desertBrew said:
Two words: Cheese Curds! <squeak, squeak> :D

LOL....add 2 more words to that, and you've got DEEP FRIED cheese curds, the next best thing.... :D
Wisconsin is great, huh?

If you go out to waukesha there is a LHBS that carries alot of beer also it right downtown on broadway it called the frugal homebrewer. That where i started out.
1 word. Yuck.

Way too damn sweet. I don't taste hops at all. Its almost straight malt. Very fruity. I've definitely had better--very disappointed in this brew.
I had to try it. And you hit it right on the head, i was pitty that i had to drink all 16 ounces. Livig in wisconsin means, do not waste beer! I personaly would have lived to throw it out. But on the other hand their IPA is very nice, has a mouthy feel that i don't find in other pale ales. I suggest that one.
Ya cant beat Discount Liquor, has to be the best place in SE wisconsin to find any kind of drink ya want.

While your here if ya have time hit a few of the microbrewerys here if ya cant get into the Sprecher brewery . . . Milwaukee Ale House on the south side of downtown (South Water St) has some decent stuff

Hell if ya want send me a PM and I'll give ya my cell phone # and we can tip a few, I'm always looking for a reason to get outa the house and SWMBO shouldnt give me too much grief about it
The Milwaukee Ale House is great! I go to Trainfest every year and it happens to be coming around again next weekend (11/12-11/13). I like Trainfest for two reasons (other than the model trains, which is my other hobby):

1. It is the only model train show where they serve alcohol - Leine's on tap and in bottles!

2. I can go to the MHA afterwards - ale's what cures ya! I usually pick up some Louie's Demise to go.

I also love Sprecher. Their Oktoberfest, Amber, Maibock and Bavarian (dark) Lager are my favorites. I still have an empty bottle of their Oktoberfest that I kept because of the bottling date stamped on it - 09/11/01.