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“memory isn't working," NASA said in a blog post Wednesday (March 13). "it simply may have worn out after 46 years."

my memory stopped working well long before it hit 46
Oh hell.
Does this mean it’s gonna start sending back mash up photos of Jupiter and Saturn and long rambling stories about miss Titan It had a brief liaison with back in 77?
I love reading remote access problem solving stories like this.

But it also made me suddenly wonder, if the tinfoilhats think moon landing was fake, what in the world universe do they think of Voyager/Pioneer/New Horizons?
Obviously communication was lost when it dipped below the disc. Maybe a turtle got in the way?
Boeing doesn't have a good track record. They are always behind schedule and over budget and lately safety is questionable. I think NASA should take that into consideration next time they have a gazillion dollar contract to award.
Maybe Starliner can hitch a ride on the Starship. Might get to space quicker.

Impressive how much progress is being made at the Starbase. Can't wait to get the launch four patch added to my others.

Very exciting times!
So, the last attempt to launch Starliner was scrubbed due to a stuck valve on the ULA Atlas-V booster. But the lengthy and continuing rescheduling delay has been due to a helium leak on the Boeing Starliner service module. Earliest launch date is now "June 1 at 12:25 p.m. ET, with several backup opportunities in the days following"...