Sportsman's Warehouse to close 23 stores (they sell the 10gal Rubbermaid, etc)

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Nov 22, 2008
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Austin, TX
Just FYI, Sportsman's Warehouse are closing a lot of their stores. This is already one of the cheapest places for the 10 gal cooler ($40). They also have a lot of other coolers, cooler parts, propane burners, tanks and stuff like that. No word on clearance sales yet, but I bet they are coming soon.

Also, I can't find a line item list of the stores that are closing, but maybe you can sort through some of these articles.

Google News
ok, here we go.. from their website:

1. 23 stores are being liquidated to reduce bank debt.
• Aurora, CO
• Coon Rapids, MN
• DePere, WI
• Henderson, NV
• Lafayette, IN
• Las Cruces, NM
• Las Vegas, NV
• Legacy, TX
• Memphis, TN
• Nampa, ID
• New Berlin, WI
• Oklahoma City, OK
• Pittsburgh, PA
• Pocatello, ID
• Roanoke, VA
• Rogers, AR
• Round Rock, TX
• St. Cloud, MN
• Sioux Falls, SD
• Southaven, MS
• Visalia, CA
• Wichita, KS
• Woodbury, MN

2. 15 stores are being sold to UFA Co-op.
• Bend, OR
• Bozeman, MT
• Burlington, WA
• Coeur d’Alene, ID
• Fargo, ND
• Federal Way, WA
• Helena, MT
• Kennewick, WA
• Lacey, WA
• Missoula, MT
• Portland, OR
• Salem, OR
• Silverdale, WA
• Spokane, WA
• Vancouver, WA
Well, that sucks.

I really like Sportsman's Warehouse.

They are SO much better than the libtard gun-haters at "Bass Pro Shop" (yes, even though they sell guns, Bass Pro does not like them, they will tell you to your face).