Splitting 10g Batches

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Apr 22, 2007
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Orlando, FL
I brew 10g batches but split them in 2 fermenters. I try at every step in the process to make them as equal as possible. Back and forth from the brew kettle, the same aeration, same amount of yeast. I am really amazed at how differently they ferment. More so this time. 1 of the carboys is really milky looking in color and maybe a day ahead of the other one. I am sure the milkiness will settle out. Just odd, I will take a picture tomorrow if it still that way.
I often get similar differences, even though they are fermenting in the same temp controlled environment. I usually blend the two when I go to secondary, and then again when i keg, to smooth out any differences. Of course, now that I have a 14.5g fermenter, I guess this won't be an issue for me anymore! :mug:
Bobby_M said:
Yeah, but splitting them up is a perfect op to try different yeasts or dry hopping with different varieties.

Very true, but when I make 5 gallons of something, it is gone too fast! I need more so it will last longer. :D