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Feb 24, 2009
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Only 10 days in the bottle – have just opened a “taster” and it’s superb!
Loosely based on a Shepherd Neame “Spitfire” English Ale extract recipe I picked up:

3 litres tap water
3kg Light Malt (LME)
500g Crystal Malt
250g Wheat Spray Malt (DME)
250g Flaked Barley
25g Ringwood Hops
30g Golding Hops

Boiled 30mins

10g Golding Hops added
Boiled 10mins

10g Golding Hops added
Left to stand 10mins

Rapid cooled in ice bath.
Added tap water to make total volume 23 Litres

Initial OG 1.030 – was expecting a bit higher, so added:
250g Wheat Spray Malt (DME)
400g Plain sugar

Subsequent OG 1.042.

Pitched on a yeast cake from last brew (a Hall & Woodhouse Badger Best Bitter clone) made with Nottingham Yeast
Aggressive CO2 bubbling within 2 hours

Transferred to secondary after 6 days
25g Goldings dry hopped

Bottled after 14 days in secondary dry hops – bulk primed with 160g white sugar to 22 litres.

And after only 10 days in the bottle, it tastes superb!! A little way to go until the carbonation is perfect, but at this stage I am a very happy man. :ban:

I just wish my primary was empty now so I could get another batch going…