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Massachusetts SPIKE CF5 - comes with the temperature control bundle - MA

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Mar 5, 2011
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For sale - gently used, always maintained, excellent condition CF5 from Spike.

All the extras you would want to go along with the base fermenter.

Retail Prices listed next to parts -

CF5 fermenter - $550
TC100 Temp Control w/heater - $360
Gas manifold Bundle $75
Racking Arm $25
2" Sight Glass $60
Extender legs $40
Bracing Shelf $45

Total cost of everything above retail = $1,155

Will sell it as a bundle for $850.

All the equipment is in excellent shape - just like buying new, gaskets are excellent etc. Wasn't used much.

Read more about it here:

CF5 Spike Conical Unitank | Spike Brewing

I am located in Central MA - not interested in Shipping at this time due to the size.
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Just an FYI, CF5 being listed but CF10 in the parts list???

I have a CF5 and it's awesome! I'd like to buy a second one but I'm not interested in driving to MA anytime soon...good luck with the sale.
oh my bad - yea, this is for the CF5. I have a listing for CF10 with all the same parts/extras listed on this site so i just copied and pasted. whoops.

yea - awesome fermenters. not sure what else you could possibly want out of one.
Please let me know if you change your mind about the shipping.
Please let me know if you change your mind about the shipping.

where would it be shipped to? Last time I looked into shipping for my CF10- the price was over $125 to ship. I can look into it again if you want to pay that much for shipping. I dont mind shipping - it was just the cost of it that didnt make sense for the buyer.
I am looking for another CF5 or a CF10 because I want to upgrade to 10 gallon batches and I already have one CF5. You’re only one state away (I live in Clarence, NY) but it’s a bit too long to drive.
not at this time. these things are a pain to ship - and $$. not really worth it for anyone
In MA, here. Would you take $600? Don’t need sight glass or gas manifold. Thanks for considering.
Cf - 5 Bought and paid for, got his penguin Chiller as well, this brewer takes proper care of his equipment, was exactly as described and I would not hesitate to do business with him again. Best of luck with the new brewery looks great can’t wait to come back when your open !!!!!