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Virginia Spike 1BBL Electric System w/ 2 CF30 Conicals and glycol chiller for sale

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Apr 7, 2016
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Almost new 1BBL 50 Gal Spike Electric Brewhouse for sale. 2 years old, only a dozen or so batches brewed. Upgraded 2x 220V electric on Herms/HLT and Boil Kettle to brew double batches and/or save heat-up time. Comes with stainless table, counterflow wort chiller, all hoses, clamps, sight glasses, CIP, carb stone, ink birds, accessories, etc. Complete w/ 2 -1BBL Spike CF30 fermentors w/ jackets and TC-100 heating pads/cooling coil system. Includes glycol chiller system and glycol. Added insulation to mash tun and stopped using herms to save some brew time (lazy).

Cost New:

1 BBL system - $10k Spike+ System (Tri-Clamp Ports) - 50 Gallon | Spike Brewing

CF30 Fermentors w/ TC-100 - $1800 ea x2 = $3600 CF30 Spike Conical Unitank | Spike Brewing

Brewbuilt 3/8 hp 8 gal Glycol Chiller - $800 + Glycol - $100 = $900 BrewBuilt™ IceMaster 100 Glycol Chiller with Stainless Bulkheads | MoreBeer

Original 220V cords, plus 2- custom made 20' cords from Ebrewsupply - $350

Misc Hoses, fittings, CIP, stone, sight glasses, some buckets, and other stuff, etc - $1000

Will throw in some pin lock kegs if you need any. Would make a perfect addition to an existing restaurant or a larger brewery's pilot system. Mint condition.

All in-new ~ about $16k

We're getting old, lost motivation to go pro, and work is in the way, hate to see it go, time to downgrade and go back to my roots - small batch brewing in the garage...

Located in Smithfield, VA

Asking $12k to a good home...


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