Spiced Pumpkin Ale pitch rate.

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Dec 19, 2010
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So today, I brewed what I hope will be (and what preliminarily smells/tastes like) a really good fall beer for October. It was supposed to have a really high gravity, but I didn't quite hit it, in addition I only pitched 1 pack of yeast and they appear to not be doing anything.

The basic recipe (without getting too in depth, I pretty much just hobbled together the other pumpkin spiced ale recipes into one I thought I'd like)

- 1# of 20 L crystal malt steeped at 150 for 1/2 hour.
- 7# of dry, light malt extract
- 2oz. Willamette hops (60 min)
- 1/2oz. Cascade hops (60 min)
- 2# roasted canned pumpkin (40 min) [don't really expect that to add much to the gravity]
- 1oz. Hallertauer hops. (15 min)
- 15oz. Pumpkin pie mix, vanilla, various spices (2 min) [not expecting gravity]
- 2# wet canned pumpkin (flameout) [again not expecting much in gravity]

Anyway, beersmith says I should be expecting an OG of 1.071, but will not allow me to select a 5 gallon brew pot for some reason. By my calculation, adjusted to 5 gallons I should get 1.056 (edit: I got 1.051, close enough.) Beer smith also says to pitch 2 packs of yeast or make a 1.2 qt. starter, which I didn't really feel like doing. And I only had 1 pack of ale yeast handy (and can't drive because of a recent surgery and my mad pain pills) so I just pitched the one pack.

I know it has only been 5 hours since I pitched, but I've never had a beer go that long without even having some bubbles start to happen (in the wort its self) is it unreasonable to plan on buying another couple packs of yeast and repitching tomorrow?

And before you say it, I can't drink cause of the painkillers so there is no way for me to RDWHAHB.


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Jun 30, 2010
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Louisville, KY
Your only 5 hours in on a brew that shouldn't require anything more than some more time... if in 48 hours you haven't noticed any action, use your hydrometer to see if the air lock is playing games with you and only then consider re pitching... I am sure you will be fine assuming you followed standard pitching practices such as not pitching too hot and so forth.