Source of gaskets?

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Mar 4, 2005
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Sundre, AB
Anyone have luck finding replacement gaskets for thier kegs at a hardware store or something?

2 of my kegs aren't sealing around the lid edge, so I hope a new ring will help this. I see I can mail order rebuild kits for cheap... but it seems silly have to mail order $3 worth of stuff.

My HBS carries them, but other than that, you'll need to order from or someplace. They're a specialized O-ring as far as I know. Throw a couple yeasts and some hops in your order, and it'll be worth it.

Another thing to try is adding some pressure to the keg while pulling up on the lid handle so the pressure seals the keg. We have one that won't seal unless you pull up on the lid and wiggle it around. Then the pressure holds a seal. Cheers! :D
Thanks Janx,
I found one gasket locally... still looking.

However, I' really having a dickens of a time with these kegs... with a good deal of fiddling around, switching lids and rings and such, I've managed to get a good seal on 2 of 4 kegs. (And we had an after-classes party last night and they worked well!)

The last 2 kegs though, I'm completely beside myself trying to get a seal.. even with the new ring, and switching the lids back and forth, and wiggling, pulling up on the handles, etc, I just can't get a seal. There is no apparent damage on keg, lid, or gasket. Any ideas?