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Oct 14, 2020
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I want to do a Pliny the Elder clone and add lactose, goodbelly mango and fruit. So can I brew the clone as the recipe says but just add lactose instead of corn sugar and just second ferment the fruit to make a Pliny sour fruited IPA ?
You making a milkshake ipa style? Lactose late in boil?

Just don't add hops to your boil. Do your mash , pitch yeast (wlp644) then 24 to 48 hrs later asd your goodbelly juice . Then add your fruit at the tail end then dry hop before packaging.
Well there is a beer that is ridiculously great around here in Michigan and it's a DDH Dipa sour ipa. It uses lactose but is not a milkshake ipa nor taste like a Creamsicle. I want to achieve a Ddh dipa sour ipa with pineapple and raspberries an IBU of 45 and ABV of 8% lol its a tall order but... I will try as many times to perfect this. Just looking for answers or a starter recipe lol I highly appreciate your response!
I'm just under the impression that if you use lactose its basically a "milkshake" IPA. It gives it that smooth creamy body and sweetness since its un fermentable .

Here's my grainbill . It came out really well . I used 1# of lactose at end of boil.


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You could brew a DIPA and an un-hopped fruit sour and then blend them. Maybe add lactose if you want it sweeter.
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I'm going to do 2 row 12lb, flaked oats and honey malt 2 lbs mash at 158 degrees for 60 mins add one oz of Citra for 60 mins cool to room temp for 7 to 10 days add one pound of milk sugar wait 24 hrs add my goodbelly mango wait another 18 to 24 hrs then add my pineapple raspberry and second ferment for 5 days and see what happens its a toss up but im intrigued lol
You dont want to use hops before you add your Goodbellys. It will hault the Lactobacillus. Dry hop right before you package . About 3-5 days prior.
Also using honey malt plus lactose might make it sweeter then you want.
No honey malt because the goodbelly sweetens enough ? Also I shouldn't add Citra to wort ?

The lactose gives sweetness . As for hops and the Lactobacillus you should do hops after the souring process . I dont use any hops in the boil when doing a co pitch sour. Kettle sour is different i believe .
I try it this way ill check on it while fermenting give it 10 days to 2 weeks due to brix reading. And try what your telling me
Kettle I believe we're i pitch the yeast wlp644 ferment for 10 to 14 days then add goodbelly to it for 18 to 24 hrs or is that called co.pitch idk. Help me out lol
Kettle sour is where you let the wort sit for 2-3 days after adding lacto. You check your ph then when its where you want you go ahead with the boiling process.

Co pitch is where you mash , cool to pitching temp , pitch yeast , 24-48 hrs later you add your Goodbellys or whatever Lactobacillus plan you have. Then add hops maybe .5 oz . Hops don't kill the Lactobacillus but it stops it .

I dont do Kettle sours because its risky , where co pitch isn't and its easier imo.
Seems like you totally know exactly what the ph is kill it to keep that level and go in with the rest of the brew. Co definitely seems my way to go
I've been reading.... so I should not add goodbelly before my yeast.
Add goodbelly wait for ph to hit 3.5 then pitch yeast wlp644 then ferment? Or pitch yeast at 87 or so for 24 48 hrs then add goodbelly ?
Mash , boil and don't add hops. Cool down to pitching temp then pitch your yeast . 24-48 hrs later add the carton of Goodbellys. Once fermentation slows down add the fruit . Fruit will kick up fermentation again. After a week add hops. Wait for the fermentation to be completely done before bottling.

I'll try and find the co pitch thread.