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Mar 2, 2009
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Just started brewing about a month ago, already on my second batch! First batch is a Bell's Two-Hearted extract clone, currently residing in secondary. Second batch is a extact Belgian Tripel, which is residing in the primary.

SO, I brewed the Tripel on Sunday night, and it has been fermenting nicely in the primary since then. Tonight I boiled up 1 lb of Belgian dark (hard) candi sugar with about 1 cup of water. After the sugar was dissolved and boiled thoroughly, I tossed it into the primary to add a bit of "spice". :ban:

Any thoughts on adding a hard dose of candi sugar well after the fermentation has taken off? This is a very general question, just looking for thoughts on what may or may not happen by doing this! :mug:
You'll definately notice your fermentation take back off. Besides that, the candi sugar will also help "dry out" your Tripel very nicely to keep it within style. I've heard of people throwing it in during the boil and some throw it into the primary. More of a personal preference really....
Now go brew something like a pale ale that won't take a year to age so you can enjoy something in the mean time!

The candi sugar should just up the ABV, and not add any sweetness since I believe it should be all fermentable, but I think you already knew that.

Welcome to HBT!:mug:

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