Sometimes mistakes work out.

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BoB Lever

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Feb 18, 2018
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My brewing partner and I planned to brew an American Stout, using up some leftover grains. We had a few vials of WLP060 so planned to use that. Starter, started day before and no action morning of. The expiration date had past, so our options were to 1)try to pitch the other two vials or 2) harvest and pitch yeast from the Belgian Golden Strong we were kegging. Our thought was that there was no reason to believe the other 060s would be good, so we pitched the Belgian yeast. Now, clearly it is no longer an American Stout, but we were very curious what it would be!?

We kegged it yesterday and were quite surprised by the samples we tried. The Belgian yeast covered up all the roast/chocolate/stoutiness of the grain bill. We determined that it was like a dark colored Belgian Pale Ale, so we are calling it a Belgian Dark Mild. Maybe it will change of the next couple of weeks but it wasn't bad at all...might even be worth brewing again! or not.

Ever have a mistake turn out okay?


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Feb 11, 2011
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Yeah, one of my first brews I was trying to make a red ale. I didnt see the decimal point in front of the hops (.5 oz) and put 5oz instead. I called it the red headed step child because it was a red looking IPA. It was a little harsh at first, but after some time it actually turned out quite good.