Some pilsner questions

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Nov 6, 2008
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Now legal in Utah
I'm not sure what recipe I'll use exactly, or if I'll target one in particular and just make something similar to it.

Most of the pilsner recipes I've seen on the HBT database have ~14 day primaries and lagering periods afterwards. Some do the diacetyl rest for a couple days at the end of that period. This makes sense. Is the primary reason (no pun intended) for a 2 week primary instead of a 3 week ale style primary because the aging is done during lagering, so the extra week in primary is made moot?

Also, I am hoping to make 10G worth tonight in two 5G batches (I have to prepare for summer while I still have good cool temps to ferment outside!). I've got a 10lb sack of German pilsner malt and a 10lb sack of Czech pilsner malt. I've got some Hallertau, Tettnanger, and a bunch of Saaz.

My hopes are to make a German and a Bohemian.

I've read the BJCP descriptions of both, but want to know if anyone can clarify the key differences of them.

I'm planning on using 1/2 local tap water (Salt Lake City hard water) and 1/2 distilled for each...one will use Munich pilsner yeast and the other Czech Pilsner yeast. Other than using German malt, German yeast and some German hops for one and Czech malt, Czech yeast and Saaz for the other, should I be shooting for differences in mash temps, mash styles, or water types between these?