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Jan 9, 2008
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I started out with a Mr. Beer kit and brewed two batches, one of which was decent, but the last was terrible and ended up pouring it all out. Now I've moved up to a 2 stage kit from my local brew shop and have my first batch sitting in the secondary right now. I've read most of How to Brew - By John Palmer and was hoping you all could shed some light on some questions I have.

Sanitizing - I know this is the most important step
  • Anything that touches the cooled wort, MUST be sanitized, but what about after it has been sanitized? Is there any need to worry about air contaminates with the stuff sitting out in the open?
  • I use Iodopher to sanitize, should I rinse my equipment out after using the solution? If not, does it need to completely air dry before I start puttin the wort in?

  • The instruction sheet from the brewshop said to boil the wort for 30 minutes, but the guide I used above said 1 hour, which is correct?

  • How can tell what the FG should be? Let's say I start with 1.048, what should the FG be about? how can you calculate?

  • When racking from the primary to the secondary, I remove the plastic bucket's lid and insert the other end into the glass carboy, doesn't this exposure to air effect the beer?

After bottling
  • Does the same temp used during fermentation need to be maintained while the beer is sitting in the bottle for 3 weeks? Right now I've got my carboy sitting in a tub of water with a shirt over it to maintain temp, how can I do similar with 54 bottles?
Dear GOD!!!!!! SLOW DOWN!!

If your air is that full of contaminants, brew elsewhere.

Touching air isn't bad. It is when air bubbles are formed and oxygenate your fermenting beer.

Use no rinse sanitizer.

Beer can carbonate fine @ 70F or so, no need to worry unless you use DME to prime. Even then don't worry.

The FG should be whatever the thingy says for 3 days in a row that is below 1.02 or so.

Let's see, I'm pretty much still a noob but I think I can take a crack at these.

If you're not in an exceptionally dirty/dusty area I'd think your sanitation would last a good while as long as you didn't set stuff down in a pile of e.coli or anything.

I've never used Iodophor but it's a no-rinse sanitizer, and I'm pretty sure you don't have to wait for it to dry all the way

Boil for at least 1 hour

Stable hydrometer readings over a period of at least 3 days, plus a recipe should tell you the anticipated FG

Opening the lid is fine, just try not to splash or have air in the lines when racking/siphoning

After bottling, allow to carbonate at room temperature for at least 10 days

Also, relax!