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For Sale SOMD everything you need for all grain and Kegging (the CO2 and O2 tanks and keggerator are worth more than the asking price)

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Beer is good
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Feb 6, 2006
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La Plata, MD
Hi all, due to life changes and health issues my beer consumption has been reduced to an occasional mug. In light of that, it is time to end a 20+ year hobby. I am trying to sell everything in 1 transaction instead of parting it out. The gear is in Southern Maryland you pick it up Highlights include (all items are store bought not home made) 5 10 gal stainless pots (2 mash tuns, 2 boil pots, 1 HLT) 2 valved igloos (5gal), 2 sparge arms, a therminator, 2 40K BTU burners, 1 20# propane tank and 2 40# tanks, a 4 tap keggerator, 13 kegs, 15# 10# and 20# CO2 bottles and 2 regulators, a 10# O2 bottle with regulator and stainless aerator tube/stone, starter platform and beaker, 3x 6 gal ported bigmouth PET carboys 8x 5 gallon, a 3cylinder krankenstien, 75lbs grain, a freezer full of hops and dry yeast, and all the other accesories that go with it. The set up can support 2 5 gal batches simultaneously. Looking to get $500 for all of it. PM me if interested