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Sold SOLD - Want to Sell-Blichmann Breweasy 20 gallon w/extras

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Jan 17, 2020
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Southwestern N.C.

Want to sell: Blichmann BrewEasy 20 gallon, purchased new, only 5 brews, perfect shape. Has all the standard equipment plus extras listed below. The Breweasy is a great system and worked for me, but it was simply too much for me to handle alone. With everything that’s included retail price is in excess of $2,600, I’m only asking $1,650. Cash/Zeele/PayPal - Friends and Family or Pay the Fee.

Before anyone asks, No, I won’t/can’t ship it (to large) and No, I won’t part it out, it’s to good a value as complete unit ready to brew !

Nothing missing, plug it in it’s ready to brew with !!
We live in Murphy, N.C., 2 hours from everywhere! We are willing to travel up to 2 hours~, that includes Knoxville, Chattanooga, Marietta, Ga. (Atlanta~), Asheville or 1/2 way to Charlotte.

Blichmann Breweasy Clasic- 20 gallon 240V Electric
Blichmann Command Stand ( with Riptide and Brewhouse Controller mounted )
Brewcommander Brewhouse Controller (240V)
Blichmann Whirlpool option
Blichmann Brewvision (2)
Blichmann Riptide Pump with Quick Connect fittings (x4) and 1/2” hose
Quick connect fittings on all exterior ports
Roll around 4 wheel cart included
JaDeD Immersion Chiller (retail: $175) if new ( King Cobra I think )
Zip lock bag with extra parts, gaskets, fittings, even the sight glass brushes.


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Well, that place is just a geographical oddity… 2 hours from everywhere! 🤣 (sorry, that brought back memories of “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”

As I sit here, 10PM at night on a Thursday, waiting for my third batch in the last 30 hours to boil in my Grainfather… I’ve come to realize that I definitely need something bigger! So I stroll on over to the classifieds to see if anything’s available, and sure enough Jim has an ideal setup to fit the bill! And, he says he can meet in Marietta?! Wow, like it was want to be! 😁

I‘ll be honest, I normally pass by the Blichmann postings because I’m more into the techie side of things. PID controllers are ok, but I deal with them all the time at work. After doing a little research though, looks like that brew commander is pretty interesting. Only obstacle would be running 220v to the garage (and hiding it from the wife 😁)