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Sold SOLD...(TX: DFW) Entire 5/10 gal Brew System, Keezer, Mill etc....

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Dec 3, 2009
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Springtown, TX
Im located in Springtown (76082) which is NW of Ft Worth.
I will not separate (part-out) the system.
I will not Ship the system. You must pick it up!
Cash only!
My email: [email protected]
Cell: 770 289-9899

20221006_101027.jpg 20221006_101119.jpg 20221006_101143.jpg 20221006_101202.jpg 20221006_101213.jpg 20221006_101235.jpg 20221006_101247.jpg 20221006_101256.jpg 20221006_101325.jpg 20221006_102634.jpg 20221006_102209.jpg 20221006_102243.jpg 20221006_102249.jpg

$700 for the brew stand and EVERYTHING you see around it (minus the cornhole game...LOL). I just have to much to list. Im sure 99% of you looking at the pics can tell what all is there. However, Ill give you a fast run down.
  • Single tier brew stand made out of 1.5" 14ga square tubing.
  • The burners are EDELMETAL burners that I modified to fit into the stand.
  • All the hardware came from (cam-locks etc..) Bobby @ Brewhardware.
  • 2 Keggles with a third that doesn't have anything plumbed into it.
  • Mash tun with false bottom.
  • 3 Pumps, One of the pumps is a chugger the other two are just generic pumps.
  • Plenty of carboys with one being a Fermzilla.
  • Grain Mill system.
  • A lot of other small items, water filter, hoses, keggle SS strainer, buckets, etc...

Next we have the Keezer. It was purchased new about a year ago from Best Buy (Insignia) brand. 5.0 Cu. Ft.
$600 for the entire Keezer set-up. Its a Ball-lock system!
  • All the hardware was purchased from Kegconnection.
  • A 4 tap system that has InterTap SS Faucets with the flow control.
  • 6 Ball Lock kegs
  • Taprite Regulator W/ 4 Way Manifold.
  • Temp controller.
  • Co2 Tank (10lbs).
  • Beer tap handles
  • Lots of smaller items to include extra hose, brushes, etc...



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