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Sold SOLD - NH - Duda Diesel 40 plate chiller (12" wide) NPT/garden hose

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Dec 14, 2010
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Selling my old plate chiller from Duda Diesel since I now have a larger one.
This one is setup with the NPT connections for wort and garden hose connections for chill water. I will also include angle fittings for the chill water (to make it easier to connect up hoses). I had it setup with TC connections (1-1/2") for my system. I'll include those as well if you want them. Right now I've removed the TC connections, but the rest of the fittings are still on the chiller. I can also include some additional TC to NPT fittings if you want/need them.

Buyer will also get the choice of taking my two old March/Chugger pumps with NPT center inlet (stainless) heads. I'm using TC connection heads and bought another pair of pump motor setups more recently. The old ones are just a little dirty.

Link for DD site with this chiller: B3-23A 40 Plate Beer Wort Garden Hose Chiller [HX2340BWGH] | DudaDiesel Biodiesel Supplies

With my ground water temperatures (typically no more than 55F in the summer) I can get 9-10 gallons of 195F wort to 65F in fermenter in about 6-7 minutes. This is using a pump to drive the hot wort into the chiller and my chill water running at full speed. Not trying to reduce how much water I use for chilling either (on a well). This has been the fastest way I've found to chill wort to date. The new chiller is about 2-1/2 times the size of this one.

Terms: F2F case
Contact: PM here (for address/etc., post questions in thread)
Price: $120 for the chiller and fittings. If [local] buyer wants the pumps, then I'll need the full price.
IF this is to be shipped, buyer pays full shipping costs (pump/pumps will be extra). I only use Zelle for sales when I'm shipping something.

Picture from one of the times I used the chiller:
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