Michigan SOLD Blichmann BrewCommander 120V

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Dec 30, 2015
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Farmington Hills, MI
I got this BrewCommander in Jul-2019 and used it for one year. At that point, I upgraded my system to 240V and got a new 240V BrewCommander. If you want to read up on it, you can check Blichmann’s website, or the review I did online for this (links below). It’s been sitting on my shelf as a “backup system” just in case, but at this point I recognize it could be put to good use in someone else’s brew setup.

BrewCommander™ Brewhouse Controller

Hands on Review: Blichmann BrewCommander Controller!

The only thing you’ll need to purchase is a temperature probe, because I’m using 2 probes with my new set-up. Blichmann sells the probe for $8 at the following link:

Temperature Sensor Probe

Blichmann’s website sells this for $374.99 (obviously including the $8 probe). I’m selling it for half that price, at $180.


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