Michigan SOLD- Blichmann 120V RIMS Rocket Coil and Cable

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Dec 30, 2015
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Farmington Hills, MI
I had a 120V Blichmann RIMS Rocket, which I used for a little under a year before moving over to a 240V coil. I no longer needed this 120V coil and it’s been collecting dust for about a year and a half so it’s time to part with it. This includes the 120V RIMS Rocket Coil plus the Blichmann 120V cord with the L5-20P plug.

The heating element is 2000W @ 120V. This really isn’t of much use unless you have a Hop Rocket that you want to put it into the housing to make a RIMS Rocket, or you already have a RIMS Rocket and the coil for some reason is going bad. But if you’re in that spot, this is your lucky day!

From the Blichmann site, these items sell new for:
- 120V Cord sells for $55.00
- RIMS Rocket coil $79.99

Selling these for $30 together.