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Oct 3, 2005
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Madison WI
So, I was helping a buddy clean out his garage when I ran across a couple pepsi kegs and I asked him about them. He said they were left over from some event he once helped put togehter and he kept meaning to take them back for the $5 deposit but never got around to it (mostly because he's one of those guys who always 'means to' do something).

So I gave him $10 and took home the kegs.

Now, I'm not posting to talk about my find as much as I am looking for advice on what one should do with 2 kegs stored clean but unpressurized for over a year (maybe 2). I will be certain to clean and sanitize them soon, and sanitize again before use. The seals are in good condition and are still pliable.

Any other cleaning/replacement I should do to make sure they are in good shape?


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Oct 8, 2005
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Oak Grove
I would recommend buying seal kits and replacing all of the rubber. It can be difficult to get the soda flavors out of the rubber and crud tends to lodge behind and inside the O-rings of the connectors and pressure valve. Once you've cleaned them, put about 5 psi of CO2 in each and pour some soapy water over the top watching for bubbles. Leave them for a week & see if they are still under pressure.

If you get bubbles from the center valve in the connectors, they can be replaced as well. They are about $2.

$5 each and another $5 each for the kits, a very good deal.