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Jan 30, 2022
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Hello Everyone,
I just started to play around with making birch beer in 5 gal korny kegs to hopefully eventually sell on draft in our business. I am having a few issues and am hoping to get some insight from those with more experience with this. I am using a TRUE kegerator with an air-cooled tap tower to dispense. Here is my process:

Make the birch syrup, combine with water, and chill in a sanitized korny keg
Pressurize keg to 20psi and purge air
Let the keg sit for approx 2 weeks
Dispense the soda at 15psi from approx 4' of tubing.

After 2 weeks the soda was somewhat carbonated. Not as much as I would like. I took a temp reading on the product and it was at 41f. I realized that the thermostat in the kegerator was not holding temp as precisely as I would like. I replaced it with a digital control and it is now holding at 38f. I then dialed the regulator to 25psi and let the soda sit for a few more days. Now I seem to be dispensing a lot of foam that is leaving behind a less carbonated beverage then before. I was surprised by this as i thought that the slightly elevated pressure and the colder temp would allow the soda to absorb more co2. I have been reading the perhaps my line is too short and this is causing excessive foaming and the co2 to leave suspension. Should I increase line length? I am trying to think about the long term setup of this. I don't what to have 20-30' of line that I am potentially wasting product in each time we switch a keg. Also curious. If I lower the pressure to dispense, will this cause the product to lose carbonation? I would like to leave the product tapped and able to be dispensed for 2+ weeks. Any thoughts and experience you have would be much appreciated!!