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For Sale SoCal - Grounded Brewing Technologies eBIAB 15 Gallon Setup

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Jan 25, 2019
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Hi all,

Looking to sell a Grounded Brewing Technologies 15 gallon eBIAB setup. This is an awesome eBIAB setup that I would love to keep, it’s just that I recently moved to a house that doesn’t have space on our panel to add an extra 240v outlet.

Here are some photos of the setup:

15 gallon tri-clamp tangential brew kettle with lid that comes with element, grain basket, basket hooks, and tri-clamp pickup tube. Element is Dernord and was purchased off Amazon. Grain basket came with the kettle.



Tri-clamp butterfly valves (3x), tri-clamps (9x including the one already attached to pickup tube), tri clamp 3-way T, tri clamp temperature sensor, and electric brewing controller with all cables included (power source, temp cord, and cord to heating element). No tri clamp gaskets will be included since the ones I have would need to be replaced anyways.


Tried to lay out the tri clamps to where they would be clamped

Full details on the electric brewing controller can be found here: %I Electric Brewery Control Panels

This setup has seen less than 15 batches, and was cleaned with PBW after every batch. All you would need to get started would be tri-clamp gaskets, some fresh tubing, and connectors for the tubes to butterfly valves. Also a pump if you decide to go that route, and a pump plug adapter to plug it into the electric controller would be needed if you plan to use a pump

My asking price is $1100 OBO. I am located in Anaheim and would only be interested in local deals as shipping these things out would be a pain. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions



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