So who's brewing this weekend?

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I hope so! A Kolsch would be good. I clarified a beer I had fermented with Kolsch yeast then clarified with gelatin. I’m thinking of using that yeast cake, it’s been sitting at room temperature with CO2… what do you all think, problem, or no problem?
Made 3g of simple cider today...just tree top apple juice and safcider tf-6 (and nutrient).
Spent a few hours making a new ferm chamber 5.0cf chest freezer with heater, fan, and stir plate inside! Finally got a thermowell in ye ol' carboy!

Still getting around to drilling few more holes in the pots and fixing the brew sink to get back in brewing action, but hoping to make number one below in two weeks...

On deck 1. Schneider Weisse clone grist and hops but with Omega Bananza yeast
2. Bass clone grist, but with UK Godiva hops and Omega Bit O'Funk and a tiny bit of dark invert syrup I'll make.
3. Simple session sparkling mead with costco honey and d-47. May try back sweeting with DME...curious if this will work.

I'm not usually one to substitute, but the yeast-surprise-"grab bag" sale was too tempting.
I am brewing a German steam beer today.
Brewing a “leftovers” recipe; I’m calling it an Amber Ale because it checks those boxes. It could also be a sort of Best Bitter; I had some Victory malt that had been around for several years. It smelled and tasted good so in it went. With two row, Victory, Noble hops to around 20 IBU and a Notty slurry that I had in the fridge, I should just call it “Dumpster Diver Ale”. 😎

Brewing an extract kit tomorrow- Block Party Amber Ale. I've been procrastinating long enough. Thanks everyone for all your patience, help and getting me this far. I really appreciate you guys having my back.

I made this today from some fittings , filter housing, pvc cement/solvent, pvc pipe and washing machine cold water line I had laying around. I had to buy an activated carbon filter. That should leave all the alkalinity but remove about half the chloride. The water tastes better through a Brita filter but I didn't want to have to fill the pot up 20 times for a batch so I made this thing which will attach to the faucet on the well line to prefilter the water for my first batch. It has a 5um media in it too so it should catch any sand.

It'll probably be next week in the week as opposed to the weekend, but with my Saison pulled out of the kegerator for bretti-fication and my last WCIPA mostly soaked into the insulation under my office floor, I have nothing on tap.

I've got a delicious smelling Hopfenweisse in the fermenter which will be ready to come out probably Tuesday, which I'll accompany with a WC DIPA.
HBD went into the fermenter @ 1.054 and is off to the races this morning. Missed my pre-boil gravity by 5 point, and OG by 8. Volume at 5 gallons which is what I hoped for. Overall pleased with my effort as the process went well with no hiccups, and I kept my mash temp steady @ 153. So small steps on path to perfection. Looking for good tasting beer @ ~5% that won't put you on your butt. 🙂
Brewing another batch of Teffeweizen (gluten free Hefe) with some tweaks.

- Increasing ivory Teff in the grist
- Adjusting ferm temp to promote more banana esters
- Using Mandarina Bavaria for a non-trad citrus kick
Did my marzen yesterday. Did a split batch to see what effect the decoction is having. It was a long, complicated brewday with a lot of moving parts, but very curious to see how it comes out.
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Just beginning the mash for a Helles Bock, called Vienna Chalet. Malts include Vienna, Pilsner, Munich, Marris Otter, Caropils 2 row with a pinch of caro20. Hops - 1 oz hallertau m. (60 min) 1 oz Willamette (30 m) and a late addition of 0.5 galaxy (15 m). Water treated with a modest correction.

Back to mash. Time for a stir.
Just beginning the mash for a Helles Bock, called Vienna Chalet. Malts include Vienna, Pilsner, Munich, Marris Otter, Caropils 2 row with a pinch of caro20. Hops - 1 oz hallertau m. (60 min) 1 oz Willamette (30 m) and a late addition of 0.5 galaxy (15 m). Water treated with a modest correction.

Back to mash. Time for a stir.
Looking good so far. Ph was 5.3 and gravity 1.064 . Mash and boil complete ... Time to cool down before fermentation begins.


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I don't know what happened, but all my recent posts disappeared. Can't think what I did wrong. Anyway, just turned up the burner on a batch of the house NEIPA since I finally have Sabro hops back in the freezer. Later might give a test to the kolsch I brewed last weekend.
Power and internet back up after Hurricane Beryl. Bottled 1st batch on Saturday, brewed 2nd batch on Sunday (same kit as first batch, just refining technique) with stuff I learned from you guys.

what I did different

1.) I used a wort chiller and also refrigerated the last several gallon water add the night before. Got the temps down to 70 before pitching without using ice.
2.) DId the grain steeping on the side in smaller pot (heat to 170 , turn off burner and steep for 30 minutes instead of steeping for 20 minutes at unknown temperature) while heating up the batch in a 3 gallon pot (smaller pot, with a flat bottom this time).
3.) Added 1/3rd of the LME for the full boil and added the other 2/3rds for the last 10 minutes of the wort boil.
4.) Used a refractometer for my OG reading (saves beer) instead of the hydrometer. (will use hydrometer for FG)

Of course I bumped the valve twice while moving the FC and spilled some beer (maybe lost a pint) because of course I did.

Im bottle conditioning the beer from the first batch in the Temperature controlled freezer that holds the FC (got a total of 44 - 12 oz beers and 1 partial which I will drink first. Its just big enough to hold everything.

I have 2 more kits left. I may try these kits with 2 different yeast (I have Lutra Kviek, and also SafAle BE 134 which I think is used for Belgian styles)?
Been getting everything in order to brew a double Westie/Mountain DIPA thing tomorrow. Already weighed out my grains and sorted through my hop and yeast collection in preparation so once I start work at 0800 I can also fill the kettle and kick off heating my strike water.

Targeting 8% and 65 IBU with loads of Cryo Citra, Cryo Centennial and juicy, juicy Strata.
Trying to make a mexican lager this weekend with 2 row/flaked corn/carapils to try and see how it goes. If it goes good ill sub 2 row for maris otter, but this damn blichmanns grain mill has been absolute trash as of late.
not complete with the brewery upgrades that I had been wanting to make, but just going for it anyway (rocking hot plate to hold mash temp)

Schneider Weisse Clone from "CloneBrews", but I got a "grab bag" liquid yeast of omega "Bananza" from Brew it'll be devoid of clove flavor. (Not that I dislike clove, but this should be interesting!)

Knocking out 2 gluten free brews tomorrow...

1) Classic American Pils w/ Willamette

2) Cold IPA w/ Citra, Simcoe, Centennial & Columbus

Both with W34/70 fermented in the low 60's