So who's brewing this weekend?

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Well a friend’s bbq just popped up in the calendar two weeks from now and that means tomorrow its brewing day. Its already warm and sunny here in spain so it’ll be a 7%abv NEIPA.

I dont usually brew dry hopped stuff but sunny time calls for hoppy refreshments!
Yesterday I brewed a beer with the intention of using up my overstock of grain . 12 lbs white wheat
2 lbs flaked oats
2 lbs pale ale
7 lbs Pilsner
2 lbs Bonlander Munich
1 ounce liberty hops at 30 minutes
1 ounce of citra at 15 minutes
3 ounces sweet orange peel and 3 ounces crushed coriander at 5 minutes
2 packets of Us 05 at 68 F
I guess I call it a blue moon summer ale , we’ll see in 2 weeks, no doubt it should be good.
Four gallon Amber ale on Saturday. Still dialing in my SVBS. Pre-boil gravity came in low despite steady mash temp @152. Pre-boil volume @ 6.5 gallon. Finished with 4 gallon @ 1.053, rather than predicted 5 gallon @ 1.059. I'm thinking tweaks needed to more grain and less water, increasing flow rate in recirculation, and reducing boil intensity from 95% to 80-85%. Nevertheless, fermentation is proceeding nicely @ 1.031 today. Also, noteworthy the refractometer and tilt readings were in agreement @ 1.053/4 given my eyes ability to resolve the little lines. Every brew is an experiment and an effort to reach the null hypothesis.
Brewed an American Lager on Saturday at my club's Big Brew Day. Used malted corn for the first time, which caused me to miss my OG by 7 points, but have to say the aroma coming out of the kettle was amazing, sort of combo of a freshly made corn tortilla and a fermenting pizza dough.
I'm gearing up my lager stock for the Texas Summer, so on deck this weekend is
Yesterday, actually, but it was the start of the weekend. Brewed an American Wheat Ale with my SIL. He’s done some brewing in the past but,with a demanding job and a side gig to keep him busy, he doesn’t have a lot of spare time. He enjoys having half a day, or so, to not have anything to think about besides beer. Well, between work related phone calls, anyway. His phone rang about every 20 minutes. 📱

My daughter’s family is here for the weekend; her husband’s nephew graduated HS today.
Time for the weekend roll call:

I'm brewing a historic porter this afternoon after I kick off for the day:

[size=+2]1850 Whitbread London Porter[/size]
[size=+1]23-A Specialty Beer[/size]
Author: Durden Park Circle
Date: 4/21/09

Size: 6.0 gal
Efficiency: 80%
Attenuation: 75.0%
Calories: 212.88 kcal per 12.0 fl oz

Original Gravity: 1.064 (1.026 - 1.120)
Terminal Gravity: 1.016 (0.995 - 1.035)
Color: 25.72 (1.0 - 50.0)
Alcohol: 6.29% (2.5% - 14.5%)
Bitterness: 60.8 (0.0 - 100.0)

5000 g Maris Otter Pale Ale Malt
1000 g Brown Malt
300 g British Black Patent
1.5 oz Galena (13.0%) - added during boil, boiled 60 min
1.0 ea Fermentis S-04 Safale S-04

Ambient Air: 70.0 °F
Source Water: 60.0 °F
Elevation: 0.0 m

00:03:00 Dough In - Liquor: 4.0 gal; Strike: 166.49 °F; Target: 152 °F
01:03:00 Saccharification Rest - Rest: 60 min; Final: 152.0 °F
01:33:00 Lautering - First Runnings: 0.0 gal sparge @ 150 °F, 10 min; Sparge #1: 2.65 gal sparge @ 180 °F, 10 min; Sparge #2: 2.65 gal sparge @ 180 °F, 10.0 min; Total Runoff: 7.86 gal

[size=-1]Results generated by BeerTools Pro 1.5.2[/size]
Made a strongish pilsner based lager. (Calling it - IT Takes a Pillager). Ready in mid June.
I got 11 lb of Belma at the So Cal fest last weekend and I brewed a single hop IPA to 65 IBU. Anyone have any experience with Belma?
Early crops of Belma (around 2013) had a subtle strawberry-like aroma and flavor and may not be for everyone. Not sure if that's still their expected profile.

I made a SMASH Pale Ale with it back in those early Belma days, and needed quite a bit of dry hops to get them to shine. A hopstand or whirlpool would be in place too.
Just finished with Hops Kitchen Citra/Mosaic IPA. Looking for some help dialing in my SVBS. Planned for 5 gallon into the FV but ended up with < 4 gallon @ 1.065. Recipe called for 14 lbs in 6.5 gallon water. Mashed @ 152F for 70 minutes, preboil volume 5 gallon @ 1.052. Recipe predicted 1.056 preboil and 6 gallon volume. Obviously not enough strike water to account for grain absorption. Predicted post boil OG was 1.061. Don't think additional water to reduce my OG would have made up for volume deficit.
Looking for gaps in process as described to improve efficiency from folks currently using SVBS only. What is optimal mash water ratio? More grain, more water?

Thanks in advance.
Brewing a Sticke Altbier tomorrow. Pilsner, Munich I, some Special B and a little dehusked Carafa III for color. I have a pound of Maris I might throw in for a little more chewiness and because, why not? Bittering with Triple Perle, then Zappa for late boil. Pitching Lalbrew Koln.

WX guy says sunny and 70, light winds. Looking forward to brewing out in the garage.
Late for the answer, but I got a pound of Belma when it first was introduced for $6 a pound. Good thing it was cheap... I threw almost all of it out. I think it's nasty.
The BIAB Altbier went ok, but my boiloff was more than expected. I did a 90 min boil and had accounted for that in Beersmith. I have the profile set for 1.25 gal/hr boiloff. Aiming for about 5.75 into the FV and 1.060 OG. Got about 5 25 and 1.070! Efficiency obviously played a role as the additional 10 points didn't all come from the extra 1/2 gal boiloff. No idea where that added efficiency came from, as my mill gap is the same and mash temp was spot-on.

Guess it's going to be an Imperial Sticke Altbier. ;)

Time to adjust my equip profile in BS.
Brewed a Czech Pils on Memorial Day, pretty straight forward brew... Floor Malted Bohemian Pils, a touch of victory, a lot of Saaz and a little Sterling in whirlpool. WLP800.

Nothing on deck for this weekend as heading to friend's beach house on Cape Cod, but ready to brew a dark Weizenbock.
My weekend plans. Tomorrow, start yeast swirl and crush grains
Carolina Summer Ale

5.25 g batch

10 lbs Pale ale malt
1.3 lbs Marris Otter malt
12 oz caropils
3 oz Honey malt

Simple mash 158° strike
Hold at 149° for an hour
Mash out 170° 10 min.

Boil - 1 hour

Cascade at 30 min
Mosaic at 15 min

Golden color (5.7 SRM)
IBU - 35

Ready to drink by early/mid June.
Got the news yesterday that our next group brew day will be July 6th. Husband does not participate in brewing (except for tasting) so his task is to decide what I get to brew on these days. Decided on a Peach Kolsch, since I haven't done a fruited beer in quite some time. He's on his way to the store now for frozen peaches, as OF COURSE I need to brew this as a test tomorrow a few weeks before the big day. Going with a base of 8lbs pilsner/2lbs two row, fermented on 34/70 at 62° or thereabouts. Thawed and mashed frozen peaches will go in after krausen drops. Can't wait for this one, if it turns out right will be a tasty refresher in the summer.
Yay, its me again! Have another bbq with friends and they asked for some Hazy American-ish 7% abv Ale that I do with Pilsner malt, Wheat and flaked Oats. Cascade, Simcoe and Citra into the party aswell.

I started using Pilsner malt for the color and loved it, some purists throw me off a cliff for also adding a bit of Munich malt to add some roasted flavours and a bit cooperish color, but I love it haha, and my buddies also do!

So yeah tomorrow is brewing day!
Brewing an Ordinary Bitter on Thursday. Earlier today I put a 1L WY1469 starter on the spin, then got the hops and minerals weighed out. Tomorrow I'll crush the grains, pick up the RO water, and even squeeze in a few games of bocce too. Nice breaking things up. Before I retired I'd run around doing everything in one day. Now, a little bit today, a little tomorrow, followed by a relaxing brew day on Thursday. :cool:
If my grain order comes in time, going to try to bang out a Czech Amber this Saturday before leaving for a mini-vacation. if not, will brew next Wednesday since it's Juneteenth and I have it off. Found out yesterday that my previous version took gold at NHC Philly regional, so need to rebrew for finals ASAP as only have a little over a month to ship. Dunkles Bock also advanced with a third place, but I saved bottles of that for finals.
I'll be brewing BM's Centennial Blonde this weekend. Skipping the Cara-Pils under the understanding or willful hope that it doesn't really matter. Second AG in a Foundry, first with just a bag and no malt pipe. I need to remember to invert the dip tube to attempt to avoid a clog that frustrated the last brewday. I don't want to resort to a bag or spider for hop pellets just yet.

Redwood tips are out in my area. I intend to harvest some and make a tincture so I can experiment with future dosing rates once this batch is conditioned.
Planning on having a double brew day tomorrow. First one will be a lime lager and the 2nd will be a summer shandy. Wanted to have a couple nice low ABV Summer beers to have on top for my son's birthday next month.