So who's brewing this weekend?

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Productive day today.
Bottled my Black IPA. Washed the M44 yeast (damn there was a lot of hops) with the intention of storing it but ended up brewing Yoopers Fizzy Yellow beer so just pitched it into that.
Dueling kettles today with "hopsalot". His 1st otherwise unsupervised brew. He has a citra/ mosaic IPA, and I'll have a dandelion/ sunflower/ braggot type thing.
Brewed last night with my niece's boyfriend. Went with an Imperial Red Rye IPA recipe I found on beersmith. 90 minute boil with only 3 hop additions, 1 oz nugget at 60 min, 1 oz crystal at 15 and 1oz chinook for a 30 minute whirlpool at 180*. I still dry hop with Amarillo and Summit (1 oz each) but I guess I was a bit surprised with the low amount of hops.

Was a bit low on the pre boil gravity (1.050 verses an expected 1.056) which gave us 70% mash efficiency. Nail the OG of 1.073 with 5 gals in the fermenter, and beersmith shows this as overall 68% efficiency. I still don't understand beersmith well enough to trust those numbers but as they say, we made beer. Bubbling away at 67* in my fermentation chamber. :mug: too. Brewing a Kolcsh this afternoon.

Just put the first bottle of a batch of Irish Stout in the fridge and can't wait to give it a try.
Fresh squeezed descheutes clone tomm can't wait. Thinking about doing my first hop stand with this beer and whirlpooling/ stirring/ steeping the 1oz citra FO addition.
Well my sucks clone is in the carboy (1.085 og) I pitched a 2L starter I made with 2 vials and no activity yet... this is my 1st starter how long does fermentation take when a starter is used? Same uo to 36 hors as if I pitched a packet of dry yeast?
I just put give gallons of English Mild in the fermenter. I've never drunk it before, let alone brewed it. I was just in the mood for something different. We shall see.
Brewing a 2-gallon wort that I'll split in half into 2 one gallon carboys and set to different yeasts and dry hop.

-1.2KG Weyermann Pilsner 2-row
-100 gm Medium Crystal
-100 gm Gladfield Toffee
-5 gm Roasted Barley
-5 litre water, strike temp 70C
-conversion rest @67C (60 mins)

-wash with 6L water at 70C

-2AAU Southern Cross (60 mins)
-2AAU Nelson Sauvin (30 mins)
-1AAU Riwaka (5 mins)
-2 pinches Irish Moss (10)

-split into two 5 litre carboys
-Ferment one with Wyeast Irish Ale 1084, dry hop with 1AAU Motueka
-Ferment the other with Wyeast Belgian Saison 3274, dry hop with 1AAU Wakatu

It should be low to mid 40s OG.

The intent is to get an idea of the effect of the two different yeasts and dry hop.
To drink it too.
Gotta clean the fermenter I just emptied of it's Irish red yesterday. Gotta get a larger OD seal for the tap so I can brew my PM dampfbier tomorrow to put in it.
Just started heating the water for 2 gallons darth vader ipa.

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Heating up my strike water for a double IPA as we speak. Bittering with Warrior...the rest will be simcoe, amarillo, nelson, and galaxy.
Mashing in right now. 12 gallons of lambic.

I just figured out that my 14 glass carboys will be filled with lambic in less than 6 months. Time to go hunting for more glass. Or a couple of barrels.
Just finished up with a basic extract wheat brew. ImageUploadedByHome Brew1401653430.606844.jpg
Nothing fancy but I will rack on to raspberries when I transfer to secondary.

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Brewed the hill 56 clone from Russian river that's on here. Don't normally do clones but figured since I can't get the real thing I'll make my own!

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Gonna do another IPA with cascade and centennial, bittered with warrior.

So many choices with hops I have!

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Another dozen gallons of Hefe is going on top of the yeast cake from the batch I brewed two weeks ago!
Hoping to do my first AG this weekend. Still have a few things to get together this week before I can do it though. Plan on doing an APA with Chinook for bittering and Centennial and Citra for flavour/aroma.
I'm making my 69 minute F-Me IPA this Saturday morning. It's a 69 minute boil with about 8 different types of hops added at almost every 10 minutes. All of these hops are from my private garden picked last fall and dried and vacuum sealed and frozen. My boil is 69 min and also my IBU's are estimated at 69 as well. Since these are fresh hops I do not know what the actual AA is for the types I grow so I take the mean % of the range and figure on that.

Also I'm making a real beebread. In my bread maker instead of plain water I'm adding that amount in a hop shot of Cascade I'm extracting tonight and let cool in the refrigerator.
Hoping to make the first batch of my Livin' Easy Summer Ale. 2-row/pilsner base with horizon and either mt hood or cascade
I'm doing my first brew in a while on Saturday night. Got a summer ale brewers best kit. Gonna give it a shot and then and IPA next weekend. Setting up the garage to make it. Can't wait!
Making my starter for my steam beer. Going to be using wlp810 San Fran lager yeast. Made a steam beer but used us-05 so technically it's an ale and not a hybrid but I'll compare and contrast the real steam vs the feux steam...

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