So we had a beer tasting...

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May 17, 2007
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San Diego, CA

(this is most of the bottles, but not all...)

I invited a few of my nerd friends over, and we opened a lot of bottles.


Half Acre Daisy Cutter Pale
Cantillon Cuvee de Champions
Ithaca Brute
RR Beatification
Baladin Wayan Saison
2006 Stone Old Guardian (seriously amazing with three years on it)
Sam Adams Utopias
BA Decadence Imperial Porter
2005 Cellar Reserve Old Stock in bourbon barrels
Isabelle Proximus
Birrificio Montegioco Quarta Runa
Abbaye de Saint Bon Chien 2006


Now, I am not one to universally dismiss breweries, and we've all heard enough in the past about it, but we all gave the Lost Abbey beers a go, and we were all disappointed.
2007-2008 Angel's Share (2007 tasted like rotten milk, purely vile)
Red Poppy (no vintage on label, so older I guess? Bland, not fun to drink)
Cuvee de Tomme - bleh.

If I had these in a blind taste, I would have still picked them out as crap. I don't know how people put that brewery on such a pedastal

Other lowlights:
Cigar Brewing Double Brown
2009 Oak Aged Yeti (all roast and acetylaldehyde)
2004 Old Stock Ale (2005 was better, but nearly past its prime)

There were a few more, but I don't take notes, I don't review, so this is all from memory. Just thought I'd share. I'd say half of what we opened was good to great and half was boring to vile. Very interesting, to say the least.