So I spent my whole day yesterday doing "Beer" stuff.

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Dec 7, 2007
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I woke up and started sanitizing everything to bottle my batch of California Uncommon. I then decided it was time to start on my extract version of EdWort's Haus Pale Ale. After I had that cooling, I started boiling water for my next batch - Biermuncher's Centennial Blonde (had to rename this to Northern Blonde - Northern Brewer instead of Centennial). Then I started cleaning bottles, printing some permanent labels, and applying them.

Here are some pics:


These are my bottles, and I love them! Holzhausen is my last name, and my family is getting a big kick out of this picture right now.


A pic of my Hefe when carefully poured at room temp next to one that sat in the fridge for half an hour. Nice chill haze, huh...


Six gallons of EdWort's Apfelwein. Pitched the yeast on Jan 26, few more weeks to go.


EdWort's Haus Pale Ale next to the carboy waiting on the Biermuncher's "Northern" Blonde

Brewing while on the forums browsing on the 100" :p


The two brews, pitched and active, with the batch of Apfelwein in primary and California Uncommon in the bathtub. My Hefeweizen bottles won't fit in the bathroom any more, so they've been moved. Almost time to refrigerate those anyway.

All in all it was a fun day. I was expecting these to be a little lighter, but this is obviously the lightest I can possibly do with extract, even with late extract method. Biermuncher's looks like it might turn out golden instead of more amber. Only time will tell.
Its likely the best temperature stable area in your house, and I know you must keep it clean and sanitized, but I still cringe a bit at the idea of using the bathroom as a fermentation locker. Well that and my SWMBO would kill me if i tried.

BTW cheers on a great day of brewing. looks like you had a ton of fun. :)
That bathroom is the cleanest room in the house :p

Seriously, it's never been a bathroom - it even used to be a dark room for developing photos. It's more of an area to make room for whatever we're doing at the time. So it seems that it is now a brewery until we move out :)

Something interesting, though:

I came home to find the blonde at 69F and the haus ale at 70F, both churning, but the haus ale was now lighter than the blonde. Very light in comparison to my other brews, so hopefully they're both bright ones in the glass! I'm very much looking forward to getting to drink these.

Unfortunately, I'm about 150 bottles short right now. Not sure what I'm going to do :p
c.n.budz said:
that apfelwein is awfully close to the toilet.... I hope you have good aim:D
oh, sure! Whaddaya think that is in the airlock?:ban:

(Cheap Scotch, I'm sure, but I just couldn't resist!)
This is awesome - They're both fermenting away and are as light as the apfelwein, now! I was hoping they'd be light colored.

psychodad said:
Buy three cornys.
...and a kegerator... and a regulator... and a CO2 tank... and... and... ? ;)

I actually like bottling. I'm still new, though, so give me time. I'll come around.
Nicely done.

Both those beers will lighten up a lot before it's said and done.

Edwort and I are getting together in a couple weeks to drink up some HB's here in St. Louis. Kinda humorous we're sharing a spot in your jon.
I'm not sure... these two batches are my 3rd and 4th brews ever. I hope they turn out well!

And on that note, I'm going to post the recipes here. I have had some PM's requesting them, and I thought it would be easier to read them here as well as hear some more veteran brewers' critiques.
EdWort's Haus Pale Ale:

(copied and pasted from one of my PM's)

Please note that these are instructions for beginners from a beginner. There's probably a lot of room for improvement :p

NitrouStang96 said:
EdWort said:
Grain Bill
8 lbs. 2-Row
2 lbs. Vienna
0.5 lb. Crystal 10L
Use 7lb Light or Extra Light DME in place of the 8lbs 2-row AND 2lbs Vienna (I found out that Vienna is for mashing only, you can't steep it in an extract kit). Get the 0.5lb Crystal 10L for steeping. I also added 0.25lb Carapils for steeping just for some added complexity that the Vienna would have provided. Someone with more experience than I might have a better replacement, or they might even leave it out altogether since we're already using DME for it anyway. I figured .25lb couldn't hurt, and it will be interesting. So your total grain bill is:

7lb DME
0.5lb Crystal 10L
0.25lb Carapils

EdWort said:
Single Infusion mash for 60 minutes at 152 degrees.
I batch sparge in a 10 gallon water cooler with a stainless braid manifold. Click here for great info on Batch Sparging.
Dough-in with 3.5 gallons of water. After 60 minutes, add 5 quarts of 175 degree water and begin vorlauf. My system only takes about 2 quarts before it clears up, then it's wide open to drain in the kettle. Have another 3.25 gallons of 175 degree water ready for the next batch sparge. You should then get 6.5 gallons to your kettle for the boil.
Steep your Carapils and Crystal in a grain steeping bag in 160F water on the stove for 25 minutes. I used 2.75 gallons. Stir it around initially and periodically to get all of the sugars into the water, but never squeeze the grain bag (this will extract harsh tannins from the grains). After 25 minutes, take your grain bag out, turn your burner on high and bring it to a boil. Add only 25% of your DME (1.75lb), and you will add the other 75% later. This is the late extract method, and it will make your beer lighter in color and will allow you to use FAR fewer hops - I calculated that I would have to use nearly 3 times as much hops without late extract method. After you've brought to a boil and added 25% of your DME, bring it back to a boil and continue with your hop schedule:

EdWort said:
Boil & Hops
1.0 oz Cascade 6.6% at 60 min.
0.5 oz. Cascade 6.6% at 30 min.
0.25 oz. Cascade 6.6% at 15 min.
0.25 oz. Cascade 6.6% at 5 min.
Here's where things get a little hairy - you will need to adjust your hop amounts based on the AA%. EdWort's Cascades were 6.6%, luckily mine were pretty close at 6.3%. Biermuncher's blonde recipe uses Cascade at 7.8% (stronger or fresher, or something).

.83oz Cascade 6.3% at 60min
.42oz Cascade 6.3% at 30min
.21oz Cascade 6.3% at 15min
.21oz Cascade 6.3% at 5min
75% (5.25lb) DME at 1min and take your wort off the burner.

Remember that these calculations are based on what the gravity of the boil is with the steeped grains and 25% of the DME in 2.5gal water.

I also added a heaping teaspoon of Irish Moss at 20min.

EdWort said:
Chill to 70 to 75 degrees
I poured 2.5gal of nearly freezing water into my fermenter, and then poured all the wort on top of that. I estimate that brought it to about 82 degrees or so. I cooled it the rest of the way in a cold water bath in the bath tub, which took about an hour or two I guess to get to 68 degrees (whoops!), I should have paid closer attention and pitched above 70 degrees, but I believe you can pitch Nottingham as low as 60 degrees and be fine. Mine is fermenting away just fine right now.

EdWort said:
Pitch with Nottingham Dry Yeast. No starter or hydration.
I just dumped all the yeast on top after thoroughly shaking my fermenter to aerate it.

Enjoy! It will look dark at first, but will get extremely light during fermentation. Mine is looking awesome right now!

If you need help with your hop AA%, I can help you out with what I've learned. It involves estimating the gravity of your boil based on how much DME you use. For instance - if I had added 1/3 of my DME at the start instead of just 1/4, the gravity of my boil would be higher, so I would have needed more hops. Probably would have been right at 1oz, .5oz, .25oz, .25oz, but you get better hop utilization with a lower gravity boil, so my calculations came out to less than what EdWort used.

PS: The veteran brewers here can probably provide additional pointers or corrections.
Biemuncher's Centennial Blonde recipe:

(I'm calling it "Northern Blonde" for obvious reasons)

The same instructions as with the above recipe, but with these ingredients:

5lb DME
.75lb Carapils
.50lb Crystal 10L

.29oz Cascade 6.3% @ 55min
.29oz Cascade 6.3% @ 35min
.26oz Cascade 6.3% @ 20min
.26oz Cascade 6.3% @ 5min

Heaping tablespoon of Irish Moss at 20min.

25% (1.25lb) of your DME goes in before the start of the hop schedule. The other 75% (3,75lb) goes in when you're done with your whole boil.

Remember your hop AA% adjustments.

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