So i have unlimited access to LN2

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Mar 8, 2006
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Has anyone poured liquid nitrogen into a full keg and capped it? Is it even possible to get nitrogen into solution this way?

Yes I'm drinking already
I'd think it would freeze the beer, and not go into solution, just boil away.

The liquid nitrogen would boil when it hit the liquid water. The keg would overflow. I doubt very much you'd be able to seal the keg while it's overflowing. If you did seal the keg, you'd have to hope it doesn't explode since you have no way of knowing how much of that liquid nitrogen remained in there and hence how much pressure it would create. Pure liquid nitrogen at room temperature exerts a pressure of ~2900 atmospheres. The blowoff valve on the keg will vent pressure, but probably not nearly as fast as the liquid nitrogen is evaporating, and hence the pressure in the keg will likely rise and could very well cause an explosion.
I think not knowing what my pressure inside the keg would be would be the reason I dont try it. It wouldnt overflow the beer as long as I poured it slowly. We dump it in all sorts of stuff and it as long as youre careful its pretty inert

Its about as dangerous as dry ice. I did freeze part of my pants leg on my jeans the other day but it thawed.
I suspect liquid nitrogen dumped into a keg of beer would be a lot more violent than dropping in a chunk of dry ice.
And I agree the odds of getting a lid on in the midst of the likely reaction would be vanishingly small - which is probably A Good Thing.
Still, if you're determined to conduct this experiment, definitely take video.
And make sure your will is up to date...

Cheers! ;)
There is plastic that allows you to scoop and gently pour into vessels. Its a bit weird at first but you get used to putting your hands that close to liquid N. It's all gas that you see coming off, so the goal is to determine the amount at which introduced gently would be safe operating pressures and go into suspension safely

I don't have a LP nitrogen regulator. I'm considering this because earlier I was at Left Hand after one too many of their nitro Saw Tooth it got me thinking..
I don't know the liquid to gas conversion, but it may be as simple as injecting a small volume through one of the posts. Possibly as little as 5-10ml liquid. I've heard of people quick carbing soda with a small chunk of dry ice. Could be a similar process.