Snowing Again!!! What to brew?

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Jan 26, 2009
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Armstrong BC
Damn! Its snowing again, I didn't plan for this. I'm waiting for my Wheat Wyeast to arrive and wasn't planning on brewing today. Can't ski, got a sprained ankle, can't ride motorbikes too much bleedin snow on the ground. I'm just going to have to brew something.
Judging by how "fast" the weather is warming up it looks like I could do a lager (garage conditioned northern style).
Maybe a nut brown or a Red. I gotta hurry up and decide the SWMBO gets home from work at 4:00.
O crap my MLT is still sitting on the back porch with last weeks spent grains in it, maybe I'm glad its not summer.
Man - I miss the snow, not the cold per se but could see doing a lager easier there than here in LA... I'm guessing I'll do a lot of steam beers myself until the keezer to be is out of kegs...
So my yeast inventory decided for me, I built a Munich Lager. I had a pack of Wyeast Munich 2308 so I put it to work. Not to mention the fact that I have too much Pilsner malt crushed and also that the garage is a good temperature for lagering for a while yet. Not sure why but it appears as though I got amazing efficiency from my sparge. I had 9.5LBS of grain (2.5 were specialty grains) and 23 quarts of wort and a OG of 1.050. My math comes to 85%. Seems too high.