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Oct 1, 2004
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Salt Lake City
All for $200!! My wife's going to kill me.........
I have some beer brewing supplies that I’m looking to sell because I no longer have the time to brew beer. The system that I have is pretty complete, but needs a few minor low cost items-(cleaning brushes, 5 gal buckets, bottle caps, etc) I think this would be an excellent system for someone who is getting into brewing or for someone who is looking to brew larger quantities of beer and start a kegging system. Below is a list of the items is below:

Book-Home Brewing Guide-Dave Miller
Funnel w/ mesh screen
24 x 37 Mesh bag
Wort chiller-Copper
Bottle filler/Anti-siphon
Bottle Washer
Bottle capper
Bottle washing brush
Five Airlocks-Bubbler/rubber stoppers
Valve for 5 gal bucket
Kegging Co2 regulator w/hose
Keg glass filling hose/valve
Keg Misc equip
Bucket lids(4 w/hole, 1 with out)
Two 15 gal Stainless Steel Boiling kegs with welded ball-valve drain in bottom
Three-5 gal Glass Carboys
Bottles-3 cases, Brown 22oz
Bottles-2 cases, Grolsch, green 12oz
Bottles-8 bottles, Grolsch, brown 12oz
Bottles-10 bottles, Brown, 16oz
Blaster w/ 2 5 gal propane bottles
Two Beer nut ingredient kits-(amber & brown) with hops
A couple of notes to this list and the equipment:

1. The two 15 gal Boiling Kegs were made by modifying stainless steel beer kegs. I carefully cut the tops off and had a stainless nipple welded into the bottom of the keg for the purpose of draining the keg. I put a stainless steel ball valve on the nipple to aid in controlling the flow from the keg.

Also, I attempted to weld thermometers in both kegs. The thermometers do not work because I attempted to weld them directly into the kegs. A better way to mount the thermometers would be to weld in another nipple and mount a commercial grade kitchen thermometer in the new nipple. With this being said, the kegs do NOT leak and work fine for boiling. You can use a alternative type of thermometer which is ultimately a cheaper solution.

2. The two ingredient kits were purchased from the Beer Nut brewing supply store. Both are unopened and brand new. They include hops, but will need yeast because the yeast that I have has gone bad.

3. The Co2 regulator is set up to mount on top of a 5 gal Co2 bottle and apply Co2 to 5 gal fountain syrup kegs commonly found in home brew kegging systems.

4. The propane blaster works well with the boiling kegs and is sufficient to handle the weight of the water and boil in a relatively quick time period. It comes with two propane tanks.

I would prefer to sell all the equipment in one package for $200.00, but would also break it into 3 sections:
1. The basic brewing supplies
2. The boil kegs with propane blaster
3. The kegging components.

This is a steal compared to kits sold at brewing supply places!!! Research for yourself.

Please let me know if you have any questions or need to see other pictures. Thanks for looking and happy brewing!


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Oct 11, 2007
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wished I was closer.. hell of a list

buy some of it.. sell it here.. on this.. make up the diff..