Smoked Coffee Saison ideas

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Sep 4, 2006
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Lakeville, PA
I've already brewed a Coffee Saison that's had a lot of good reviews, but I can't leave well enough alone. Here's what I'm thinking:

6 gallons, 73% efficiency
1.058 OG, 29.1 IBU, 6.4 SRM, 6.5%-7% ABV

6 lb Belgian Pilsner
4 lb Munich
2 lb Beechwood-smoked malt
1 lb flaked rye

Styrian Golding - 60, 20, and 5 min

Wyeast 3711 or Belle Saison

1 oz coarsely crushed coffee, 1 day before bottling

This method for adding coffee adds a lot of flavor without adding much color. I'm just wondering if there's enough smoked malt and flaked rye for appropriate flavor contributions from each. I want both to be noticeable, but balanced with the coffee and maltiness from the Munich. Also might try to up the maltiness a little with some biscuit or aromatic. And should I drop the 5-minute hops?