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Jun 29, 2023
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My title might be a bit off, but I was thinking, because I am using Brewfather to build a bunch of 1 gal recipes, I would like to be able to "build the kit" and store it. Really just something to do. I have some of those small air sealing bags, but I think I might need something bigger. Any thoughts or suggestions? Anyone do this or am I just randomly getting bored?
You could, why not? I store mini brews in advance from time to time until I have a moment and sometimes I gather stuff for larger batches as well. I collect my grains well in advance anyway when I decide the next brew.
The only thing I can think of is that using bags to pack different kits at home seems wasteful. You could use boxes that seal well or wait just a bit longer until you decide what to brew. I store 20L batches of medium gravity in 5 kg malt storage boxes that I reuse from the HBS, buckets from fast food places and sometimes also my pans for 5L batches. Anything the size of at least 2-2.5 L should be enough store enough grain in for most 1 gallon batches.
"Glad" might offer even larger reusable containers...


fwiw, a quick test showed a pound and a quarter of malted barley occupies roughly a quart of volume. We have some 76 ounce containers that comfortably fit 3 pounds of malt - that would make for a pretty big one gallon beer :)

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If it was me, I would use a Vacuum packer / sealer, I have one for bagging up excess vegetables and meat for the freezer. Continuous rolls of sealable material are available, as well as preformed sealable bags,making it easy to make any size receptacle that you may need, cost effective as well.
What is going to be in the kit? Just malts, hops and any adjuncts?

For the most part just the hops would be the only thing that might need something special. I'd probably keep them separately in the freezer in a air tight bag. Not necessarily vacuum sealed unless you are going to be more than say a year storing them.

Might could go longer, but for my hops that I've opened. The remainder seems to last at least a year keeping them in a freezer or even the fridge.
I agree it's not necessary to vac-bag grain kits, and I would not recommend doling out hops in advance - keep those in the freezer sealed in their factory bags and measure out what's needed on brew day...

I would use just grains. I have the 500g packs of yeast I put into small 11.5g (avg) sachets and stored in the fridge.