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California Small kegs, mobile dispensing setup, electric brewing components.

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Jul 14, 2010
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Los Angeles
Local Los Angeles only. Not currently shipping at this time (unless you are open to paying for shipping/packaging on top of stated price). Everything has been in storage since I stopped brewing in 2020. Finally deciding that it is time to part with everything. Willing to negotiate if someone wants to take everything. All of this is very well taken care of and ready for it's next home. Definitely can walk through the electric setup for the next owner. I used to use the HLT to heat strike water and then mash in a cooler (or 2) and brew with one or back to back 5 gallon batches in each of the concord pots.

Used the small kegs and mini reg to do mobile setups or make gallon sized batches of cocktails for parties! Also would occasionally do 6-8 gallon batches and then oak the 1-3 remainder for 6 months- year.

3x 1gal taylor syrup tanks converted to ball lock $75 each
1x 2gal taylor syrup tanks converted to ball lock $60
1x 3gal ball lock $50
ALL - $250

Leland mini regulator (has 16g cartridge adapter installed which can be removed to accommodate larger cartridges), sankey tap with ball lock conversion posts, 3x 26.9g argon cylinders, 15x 16g CO2 cylinders $100

5x perlick 425ss - used
3x perlick 425s (plastic spout and internals, but can be upgraded) - used
4x perlick 425 rebuild kits
4x upgraded spouts 8mm (no hollow pours)
4x 5" SS shanks - new
4x stainless tailpiece kits
$300 for all of this. I have brand new beer line I can throw into this as well.

1x 17cu full nitrogen cylinder
1x stout faucet - used
1x taprite nitrogen regulator - new

2x concord 8gal pot with electric brewery 4500w element and 3 piece ball valve.
1x aluminum 7.5 gal pot with electric brewery 4500w element and 2 piece ball valve. (HLT/water use mainly)
1x 50A spa panel - new
1x 1 element 30A control panel. Auberins boil controller. Crydom SSR, enough spare parts to build second complete unit or combine into a 50A 2 element easily. Original PJ diagram included.
1x 5500 SS element from Electric Brewery - new
Proper Greenlee punches: 1-1/4 heating element, 13/16 weldless for valve/dip tube, 9/16" for thermowells in the event you want to go with bigger pots.

March pump plastic head
Silicone tubing with stainlessquick disconnects
small 40 plate chiller

MM2 with hopper and base

More photos/information on request and I have lots of other odds in ends that I will list soon. Thanks.


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