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Sep 18, 2012
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Port Angeles
Anyone use a short (small form) precision hydro? It looks quite nice for conserving precious brew:

SG 1.0-1.07, around 165cm tall (6 inches) vs the usual wide 1-1.17 range at 285-330cm (11-13 inches).

The recommended sample volume is in the neighborhood of 140ml (less than 5 fl. oz.) vs, well, I guess it depends on whether you use a properly roomy cylinder or the plastic tube it came in (not such a good idea). Anyway, recommended sample size for typical wide range hydros runs around 340mL (a bottle of beer). No, I don't usually use quite that much...

The size does vary with graduations and whether or not a thermo is included in the bulb. These numbers are for .001 markings (conventional hydros are at .002) without thermo. If anyone cares to, you can get them down to .0005 but they get bigger for the same range.

They are available from a few sources - though not LHBS or the Giants in HB supplies.

And please don't tell me to get a refractometer...
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