Small Corny Keg Post Base

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Jul 8, 2005
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I am trying to get a set of small cornelius kegs working. They are originally lab equipment, one is 3 gallons and a second is about a gallon and a half. The problem is that there are no post bases. The kegs have four threaded holes in the top, beyond the standard large opening. One is pluged, another has a pressure relief valve and the other two are for input and output. The output is a draw tube that is threaded at the top to attach to the keg. after thread to the outside there is a continuous 90 degree turn that is a female threaded acceptor. The other side is the same but with a shorter tube. My initial thought is to try the Corny Plug Adaptor from Norther Brewers with a double threaded nipple. If this worked, the valve would be sideways for 90 degrees from standard. Would the valve still be able to work without problems? Also the threads are all sealed with teflon tape. Is this OK to use on a kegging system? Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.