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Dec 6, 2021
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Hey all...

This is my first shot at making hard cider. I have 3 single gallon jugs of cider, very filtered, they look like apple juice, but they were fresh pressed at a local orchard. I checked the abv and it came out to 1.14 without any sugar added. In one gallon I added 3 cups of dark brown sugar as I am aiming for apple-jack with that one. After adding the sugar, that one came out to 1.24. I used distillers yeast for the "jack" gallon and cider yeast for the other two. I started Saturday and by that night, they were bubbling away like crazy. However, when I got back from work today, the bubbling (in the water air-lock) has dropped significantly. The 2 regular ciders dropped to about 1 bubble per 25- 30 seconds. The "jack" gallon went from sounding like a 2-stroke engine to about 1 bubble every 15 sec. Is this normal, for these types of yeast / sugar amounts? If the bubbling / fermentation stops, can I add more yeast??

Any help for the newbie would be great.

Thanks in advance...

Stephen =]

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