Slow/Long fermentation

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Feb 12, 2008
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South Dakota
This all started with my BB Dunkelweizen having a very slow start to fermentation.
See my sticky thread post here

Anyway, this thing is still not done! I brewed this beer on 10/07/2008 (OG=1.054). As I normally give my beers around 3 weeks in primary, last week on 10/28 I was going to try to bottle, but the SG was still at 1.030. Bottling plans were cancelled for the evening.:( It seems that my moving the bucket up onto my table and back woke the yeast back up as there's been a consistent pressure bulge on the lid and even an occasional bubble in the airlock over the last week.

Tonight I bottled my MWS Honey Amber Ale and thought I'd check the SG on the Dunkelweizen again and see if I could bottle it too. SG was down to 1.020 so it's making progress. Target FG is 1.010 - 1.014 so maybe another week!

My question is -- does this happen often? I've done nearly 30 batches so far and never had this before. What is the cause -- perhaps a bad pack of yeast (Danstar Munich) with low active cell count? Fermentation temps are a consistent 69-70 degrees F.