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Dec 30, 2014
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Hartford City
I don't know if this is Classified as a Wine or not. Has anyone ever Brewed up a 5 Gallon Batch of Skeeter pee?

The Recipe can be found at

I just got mine going about 5 Days ago. It sat for 2 Days, then I pitched EC-1118 Wine Yeast in the Fermentation bucket. Waiting on the Gravity to get down to .995 before I put in my Carboy for Clarification.

I use Yeast Nutrient, Yeast Enegizer, Sparkaloid, Tannin, Kmeta and Sorbate as well as the other Ingredients of 3 32 oz bottles of Lemon Juice and 8 Lbs of Sugar.

Pretty easy recipe and the outcome is around 10% ABV. Really like this stuff, After that, I got a 2 Gallon Batch of Hard Cider going into the Fermentation Bucket, Going to be Busy bottling and all in a few weeks.