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Way back in April we took a look at one of the more popular features here on HomeBrewTalk, the Brew Setups Registry. If you havent visited this section, go check it out. This is where our membership lets us know more about their brewing rigs, and it gives us an opportunity to stare with longing at systems we can only dream of, but are prohibited from having due our personal limitations, be them financial, space-related, or in my case, you have a terminal case of stupid hands and lack the ability to assemble anything close to these works of art.

Photo courtesy of 21st Century Fox
Today we take a look at five more brew setups, if only to share for a moment the dream of dreams. Dedicated brew-spaces with big shiny things in them!

DeBrewer's Home Brewery is first up. Added to the registry by DeBrewer, it's 20 Gallon pots with electric elements,4 Fast Ferment Conical Fermenters, DudaDiesel 30 plate and Chugger pump with electric valves makes it a force to be reckoned with. With it's unique styling it's just as much a piece of art as it is a brew setup. For more on this amazing build and how it came to be follow this link.

Next we're taking a look at Mientcat Brew Works brought to us by mmient. Taking up a limited portion of their garage, mmient has utilized 20 Gallon SS electric kettles, Custom DIY chamber with glass fermenters, and Duda 30 plate completed with 2 SS Chuggers, all SS Camlocks, valves, and plumbing. For any garage brewer this is a setup to aspire too.

We're leaving the garage now and headed to the basement to take a look at Paradigm Brewing submitted by MSKBeerfan. It's built out with Blichmann Kettles turned into Electric Boilers, a Temp Controlled Conical, a Fast and FuriousPlate Chiller, and Dual Pumps.

Moving on, we're taking a look at kickflip_mj's ImObersteg Brewery. This is a fully automated system with 3x 26 Gallon bottom drain Megapots, 2x Honeywell Intermittent Pilot light systems with banjo burners, Volume measurement using pressure sensors , and full Automation including Brewtroller/ touchscreen interface. To control femrentation temperatures kickflip uses industrial fridges with Johnson controllers for temp control.

Member redtangent recently submitted his Burch Brewery 2.0. It's built out with 3 x 16 Gallon Bayou Classic Kettles, 2 x 5500W Elements, Kal Clone control panel, SS mesh Hop basket, SSBrewTech 7.5 gallon brew bucket, BMB 6.5 Gallon and a glass 6.5 gallon carboy along with a fermentation fridge with Ranco controller.

Last, but certainly not least is a brew rig I find myself staring at ever since it was added to our registry if only because it's one of the shiniest brew rigs to ever be featured in our community. Roadie provided us with a few pics of his Almost Famous Brewing.

Ready for this? Almost Famous Brewery uses 20 gallon Stout BK, 5500 watt ULWD ripple element from Brewmation, Brewer's Hardware element enclosure, Stainless Brewing large hop spider, The Electric Brewery control panel, custom locally made vent hood, vortex fan. Other kettles include: 20 gallon Stout MT and Stout 20 gallon HLT with Stainless Hardware HERMS coil.2 - 6.5 gallon glass carboys, 2 - 5 gallon glass carboys, 1 - 3 gallon glass carboy, Ranco dual stage controller connected to old fridge and Fermwrap heater, 2 - Stainless Brewing twist cap dry hoppers.Duda Diesel B3-36A 40 plate chiller. We go from BK to Brewer's Hardware filter first then to plate chiller.7/8" OD 1/2" ID silicon hoses, all hoses have camlock fittings, 2- Chugger pumps with SS center inlets, tri-clamps on everything. Thermoworks Therma K-Plus thermometer, refractometer, hydrometer, Hach Pocket Pro+ pH meter, wine (beer) thief, Air, Water & Ice Extra Duty RO unit with 20 gallon storage tank.
If you would like to see your brew rig featured in future front page articles be sure to get them added here. It is both a privilege and an honor to be able to showcase these functional art pieces and I hope you enjoyed. For part one please follow this link.
Now get out there and get brewing!
Lots of kal-panels, he must be feeling proud to see them.
My rig is really similar to the last one, except it isn't in as nice of a brew space :( No stainless tables or nice tiled walls.
Its interesting to see he switched to camlocks from the triclamps for hose connections. I've been thinking about doing the same, the camlocks were a lot easier (had them in my previous rig)
You might say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not. - Michael Scott
I really like this brew rig: https://www.homebrewtalk.com/brew-setups/schematix-electric-brewery-21.html
Very clean design and several original ideas not seen elsewhere.
Great job showcasing these masterpieces. Can't wait to attempt to put one together myself someday. Tremendous fun no doubt. Thanks to all the brewers involved for taking the time to post their creations.
Check out those sinks! Seriously, I feel like sink size is an under appreciated factor especially with how much we're cleaning. Amazing brew rigs!
A good utility sink is one of the most unappreciated elements of brewing. I always feel bad for apartment brewers with those tiny dual compartment sinks.
My eyes be like ooh ah, ooh ah oo-oo! Makes me wish I'd started brewing at a younger age! It's times like these is like livin' in a cage, oh baby, please come my way! Ooh ahh, ooh ah, oo-oo...my eyes be like, ooh ah, ooh ah oo-oo...Shiny steel, gettin' a seal, gonna get some bling by makin' a deal!
My tiny brew in a bag kitchen system pales in comparison!
Agreed. I often wish I had more room for brewery stuff. A bigger sink is ALWAYS on the list of priorities, near the top.
I brewed over 20 years before I finally built a single tier structure I was proud of but it is absolutely put to shame by any of these. I still like what I have but this brew porn is fun to look at every so often.
Fantastic setups! I'll be making the switch to a single-tier electric system in a year or two. I've already got a parts list put together for a control panel... just can't decide if I want to go HERMS or RIMS.
Love to see BrewTroller represented there!!

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