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Sep 10, 2016
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Des Moines
Selling a homebrewing setup with 3x keggles. HLT has pickup tube that leaves almost nothing when draining. Also has return arm for recirculating. Mash Tun is insulated with 4x reflectix wraps around side, and insulated bottom. Has insulated lid cover. Works very well. Holds constant temperature over entire hour mash. Mash tun has custom built sparge arm that fits over side of keggle. Boil Kettle is basic with side pickup tube. Also comes with Whirlpool arm that fits over side of keggle. Has two pumps, one for water, one for wort. Also has foot pedal on off switch making changing hoses and controlling pumps easier. Comes with 6 hoses various lengths. All fittings are stainless camlocks which have full flow 1/2” fittings. Only selling due to upgrading gear. Has 1x BG-10 burner and 2x BG-12 burners. Not using BG-10 due to being the stand for insulated mash tun. Comes with stir plate and stir bar. Does not come with CFC wort chiller. Have a immersion chiller that it will come with. Also have various other home-brew supplies that I have extras of, and can provide for free. Will come with 2x 5 gallon empty pin locks for kegging, 2x 15 gallon clamp lock hdpe fermenter with airlock, 2 sets of pin lock fittings to add to gas and liquid lines. I believe I have an extra 5lb CO2 tank and single gauge regulator. I also have some draft towers and faucets for extra cost. Only thing you would need is a Fridge to serve from and some hoses. Located in Des Moines, Iowa


Not open for further replies.