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Mar 23, 2010
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I am a complete novice at wiring and electricity and am looking to build a very simple HERMS to be able to plug in a bucket heater to maintain mash temps. I wanted to spend very little and I don't need all of the fancy lights and e-stop options. The following is what I purchased from Auberins.

1 ea. 120V 15A US Socket, Panel Mount, NEMA 5-15R Item #: OUTS11
1 ea. Panel mount connector for RTD sensor Item #: RTDCON
1 ea. Medium Box for Controller and Timer Item #: Mbox16 •Front Panel Option - With 1/16DIN Precut
1 ea. Liquid tight RTD sensor, 1.5 inch, 1/2 NPT Thread Item #: PT100-L401/2NPT •Cable Option - 8 ft Deluxe Cable
1 ea. Power Cord Item #: PCord •Option - NEMA 5-15P to C13 Power Cord
1 ea. PID Temperature Controller w/ Ramp/soak, Kiln (SSR Output) Item #: SYL-2352P
1 ea. 120V 15A Receptacle, Panel Mount, IEC 320-C14 Item #: INR1
1 ea. 40A SSR Item #: MGR-1D4840
1 ea. Heat Sink for Solid State Relay, 40A Item #: HS40
1 ea. Selector Switch, 2-Position Maintained 1NO 1NC, 22mm Item #: SW2

I am looking to create something exactly like the attached pics. Any help with the wiring would be greatly appreciated. Also, any tips on cutting holes in the box to fit the outlets would be appreciated. Thanks!

Medium Box Diagram.jpg

Small Box.jpg


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Mar 13, 2008
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I would visit for wiring...all the stuff there is really easy to wire and Kal does a good job walking you through it with simple non electrical engineering diagrams and an explanation of what is doing what and how it does what it does. As far as cutting holes, you have it pretty easy. Since you don't have a line of switches or something where a perfectly lined up hole is extremely important you can get away with a handheld drill motor and a step bit...if it walks a few mm no big deal. As far as the square cuts, drill a hole big enough for a bi-metal jigsaw blade and then use the jigsaw. If you notice the lip on that pid is very small narrow so I cut my instrument holes small and then use a grinder to slowly open it up so I can get a good snug fit...or if you have tons of money to blow you can get a PID punch that will make a perfect cutout.


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May 13, 2013
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Cuyahoga Falls
Is there any update on this project? I am looking to do the same type of project in the next month or two. Also, what elements are you planning on using